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White break CITROEN DS 21 1970 NOREV 1/18
White break CITROEN DS 21 1970 NOREV 1/18

White break CITROEN DS 21 1970 NOREV 1/18

O/Ref: 181590
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Presentation of the product
Presentation of the product

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White Break CITROEN DS 21 of 1970

NOREV 1/18


White break CITROEN DS 21 1970 - 1/18 NOREV

CITROEN DS 21 Break 1/18 NOREV

Great model car made under official license « Citroen » with scale 1:18.
You will find out a high accuracy and value due to a lot of details for: Tires, engine, rims, cockpit, and body.
Constructor paint.
The doors are fixed on hinges and the wheel can turn (activating the steering-wheel)
It is as if you were face to a genuine Citroen DS 21 Break scale 1.

We will pack your car model carefully and give you a tracking number.

You may remove your order at our warehouse reception in Paris 15ème 7 days a week.

If you need further information, feel free to contact us

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