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Welcome in the AIRSOFT GUNS !

SoftAir guns also known as plastic model guns are 1/1 scale replicas of real guns produced by well known manufacturers such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, Uzi... These guns shoot round 6 mm harmless plastic bb bullets®. Soft Air guns are designed for practicing target shooting outdoors. Users must wear safety goggles. When properly operated and respecting basic safety rules, Soft Air guns are totally harmless. The basic safety rules are:

- never aim at a person or an animal,
- keep away from the reach of minors,
- never use or display Soft Air guns in public areas.

An instruction manual is provided. It explains how to operate the gun and also reviews the safety rules. The energy developed by these guns does not exceed 0.5 joule. This represents the energy at impact of a tennis ball falling from a height of 1 meter (a little over 3 feet). In comparison guns used in fairs develop 20 times more energy at 10 joules. See the scale bellow. Level of risk in joules. Anyone aged 18 may purchase Soft Air in any country. Some of the models with CE marking EC label may be sold to children aged 6 or over, as their energy is less than 0,08 joule... But please conform to the legislation in your country !



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