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Old color AIR FRANCE AIRBUS A320-200 1:200 - 75th Anniversary
Old color AIR FRANCE AIRBUS A320-200 1:200 - 75th Anniversary
Old color AIR FRANCE AIRBUS A320-200 1:200 - 75th Anniversary

Old color AIR FRANCE AIRBUS A320-200 1:200 - 75th Anniversary

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Presentation of the product
Presentation of the product

Product Description

Airbus A320-200 Air France Model

Air France AIRBUS A320-200 "Rétro" 1/200
75th Anniversary

Old AIR FRANCE AIRBUS A320-200 1/200

Very nice AIRBUS A320-200 replica, with old AIR FRANCE colors
Resin model aircraft, decorated by tampography and varnished finishing
Highly detailed
Mobile propellers in jet engines
Landing gears and base provided
You may display your airplane on its stand or landing gears.
AIR FRANCE official scale model made under licence

Brand : HOGAN
Decoration : AIR FRANCE
Scale : 1/200
Length : 18 cm
Wingspan : 17 cm

We will pack your A320-200 carefully and send it to you by COLISSIMO. We will give you a tracking number.

You may remove your order at our warehouse reception in Paris 15ème 7 days a week.

If you need further information, feel free to contact us

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