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Réplique du blouson de motard en cuir du TERMINATOR T-800

Réplique du blouson de motard en cuir du TERMINATOR T-800

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Présentation du produit

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Réplique du blouson de motard

en Cuir du TERMINATOR T-800

Museum Replicas Limited

Terminator T-800 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Blouson cuir Terminator

Blouson motard Terminator T-800 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Réplique du blouson de motard porté par le Terminator T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) dans le film culte de 1984
Modèle commémorant le 25ème anniversaire du film, recréé fidèlement d’après l’original

Particularités :

- Authentique cuir ´police grade´
- Doublure hiver zippée (amovible)
- Marquage intérieur ´Terminator 25th anniversary´
- Véritable blouson de motard avec protections

Modèle créé et fabriqué par Museum Replicas Limited, distribué par Windlass Studios

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Terminator (The Terminator) est un film américain de science-fiction, réalisé en 1984 par James Cameron. C’est le film qui conforta Arnold Schwarzenegger dans son statut de star, acquis en 1982 avec Conan le Barbare. Los Angeles, 2029. La ville est en ruines. Les robots créés par le super ordinateur Skynet dominent le monde au lendemain d’un holocauste nucléaire. Une petite résistance s’est formée et est composée des derniers humains sur Terre. Mais la bataille semble être perdue d’avance... Los Angeles, 1984. À la faveur d’un micro-orage électro-magnétique, un être mystérieux fait son apparition. Il s’agit d’un Terminator, un robot humanoïde recouvert de tissu humain, envoyé du futur pour une mission meurtrière. Il a pour objectif de tuer une certaine Sarah Connor, dont la vie aura une grande importance dans les années à venir, car elle sera la mère du futur chef de la résistance humaine (John Connor) durant la guerre contre les machines. De son côté, Kyle Reese, également venu du futur, est un humain. Il a pour mission de protéger la jeune femme et la sauver de ce tueur. Une tâche d’autant plus difficile que le Terminator est quasi-invulnérable et que Sarah n’a aucune idée du danger qu’elle encourt... The Terminator is a 1984 science fiction/action film directed and co-written by James Cameron. It features Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor and Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese. The film was followed by two sequels with a third sequel due out in 2009. The franchise includes a television series and video games. The film takes place in 1984, introducing the concept of a "terminator", specifically the titular character (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a seemingly unstoppable cyborg assassin who has been sent back from the year 2029 by a race of artificially intelligent computer-controlled machines bent on the extermination of the human race. The Terminator’s mission is to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) whose future son leads a resistance against the machines. A human, Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), is also sent back from the future to protect her. In 2008, The Terminator was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" The film opens in the ruins of Los Angeles in 2029, showing that the world has been devastated by nuclear war. Intelligent machines control the post-apocalyptic Earth, and are determined to exterminate the human race. The action then shifts from the future to May 12, 1984.[2] Two men appear in Los Angeles in separate locations, manifesting in sudden, blinding flash-storms of electricity. One is heavily muscular, and appears unscathed by his journey; the other man, slim and wiry, seems to have been weakened by his journey, though he regains his strength fairly quickly. Both men are naked. The mysterious muscular man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) obtains clothes and weapons and begins hunting down all women named "Sarah Connor", using a phone book to track his targets. He successfully kills the first two of the three listed women. When he attempts to kill the last Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), he is stopped by the other man, Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), who has also been gathering weapons and equipment. It transpires that Reese has been sent back in time to protect her. While hiding from their assailant in a parking garage, Reese explains that the man hunting Sarah is actually a cyborg assassin called a "Terminator", built by Skynet, an artificial intelligence network created by Cyberdyne Systems. In the near future, Reese explains, Skynet gained self-awareness, intitiated a global takeover of military hardware, and launched a nuclear war against humanity. Skynet ordered that a scant number of humans were to be kept alive in order to be used as slave labor. John Connor, Sarah’s son, rallied the few remaining humans and led a resistance movement against the machines. After a grinding campaign, the human resistance was on the verge of victory; in a last-ditch effort, Skynet sent the Terminator back in time to kill Sarah before John was born, preventing the resistance from ever being founded and (presumably) allowing the machines to take over the world unscathed. Reese volunteered to follow the Terminator back in time to protect Sarah; after his use of the time transportation equipment, it was to be destroyed by the resistance in order to prevent furtAfter Kyle finishes his story, he and Sarah are attacked by the Terminator again, resulting in a chase that leads to the police stopping and capturing Reese; the Terminator crashes its vehicle, but disappears from the wreckage. At the West Highland Police Station, Sarah is told by Lieutenant Ed Traxler (Paul Winfield) and Detective Hal Vukovich (Lance Henriksen) that Reese is crazy. Reese is questioned by psychologist Dr. Silberman (Earl Boen). Reese explains his mission to Silberman, who concludes that the story is a paranoid delusion, constructed in such a way that it requires no evidence, thus preventing anyone from refuting it. The Terminator arrives at the police station and asks to see Sarah, but the desk sergeant denies access. After examining the police station and uttering the infamous catch phrase "I’ll be back", the Terminator leaves, but returns seconds later by plowing a car through the front of the building. The Terminator then goes on a rampage through the building, killing 16 police officers (the second film stated the number to be 17[3]). Reese manages to escape and rescue Sarah. They hide in a motel, where Reese teaches Sarah to make pipe bombs from household supplies. Sarah asks Reese whether he is disappointed in her, and whether he has ever been in love. After replying "no" to both questions, he confesses that he is in love with her which leads them into having sex. Later that night, the Terminator tracks them down and, during the chase that follows, wounds Reese. Sarah knocks the Terminator off its motorcycle. A tanker truck then runs over the Terminator. The damaged cyborg commandeers the tanker truck and drives it at them. Reese uses one of their last bombs to blow up the truck, causing the Terminator to collapse in a burnt heap. Reese and Sarah celebrate, thinking that the Terminator has been destroyed; but the metal endoskeleton is still functional and pursues them into a factory. In the ensuing chase, Reese jams a pipe bomb into the Terminator’s abdomen, shattering it and killing himself. The Terminator, still partially functional, drags itself by its remaining hand to pursue Sarah, until she finally crushes it in a hydraulic press, destroying it. The end of the film shows a pregnant Sarah traveling in Mexico on November 10, 1984. She records audio tapes which she intends to play for her son, John, at some point in his life. She reveals to the tape that John is Reese’s son, conceived from their one night stand at the motel six months earlier (see Predestination paradox), although she expresses doubt as to whether or not she will reveal to John the identity of his father.[4] While Sarah’s car is being refueled, a young Mexican boy takes a picture of her, which John will give to Reese decades in the future.The boy shouts a warning about the approaching weather in Spanish, which the gas station’s owner translates as "a storm is coming". Sarah wistfully responds, "I know", pulls out of the gas station, and drives into the distance where storm clouds are approaching over mountains. The end credits start to roll as her Jeep disappears. her Terminators from going back in time. 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