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Nomex CWU45 Jacket COCKPIT USA formerly Avirex LTD
Nomex CWU45 Jacket COCKPIT USA formerly Avirex LTD
Nomex CWU45 Jacket COCKPIT USA formerly Avirex LTD

Nomex CWU45 Jacket COCKPIT USA formerly Avirex LTD

O/Ref: Z24P021
590.00 €
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Presentation of the product

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Cockpit USA


Nomex CWU45 Jacket


blouson cwu45 nomex

Blouson CWU45 Made in USA Nomex COCKPIT - AVIREX

Our Modified CWU 45P is an all season jacket made of 6oz Nomex shell with a removable Nomex quilted cold weather liner. The fire-retardent properties in Nomex help make this jacket the ultimate combination of authentic military style and functionality. Fully equipped with a removable lining for added warmth. As worn by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Color: Black
Made in USA

Choosing the size of your flight jacket :

To choose your suitable size, please tell us your weight, size and chest size:

1 : Your weight
2 : Your size Please send us your measurements, so click here to

We will pack your flight jacket carefully and send it to you by Colissimo. We will give you a tracking number.

You may remove you order at our warehouse reception in Paris 15ème 6 days a week.

If you need further information, feel free to contact us





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